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Frequently asked questions re Covid19 Vaccines

Q: Do you have Pfizer vaccine?

A: Yes, we have both Pfizer (October) and Astra Zeneca Vaccines. We run clinics for each at separate times to reduce the risk of error.

Q: How do I book an appointment at your Surgery?

A: All our bookings are online via HotDoc only. Select > Covid vaccine clinic

Q: Why can’t I telephone to make a booking?

A: We don’t do bookings by telephone because the phone traffic for booking requests meant that nobody could get through to make a change to their booking or for Abermain Surgery Patients to see their GP.

Q: What is the dose interval at your clinic?

A: 3 weeks between dose 1 and dose 2 for Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccines is between 4 and 12 weeks.

Q: Why 6 weeks for Astra Zeneca?

A: The dose interval for AZ is between 4 and 12 weeks, with better protection for the longer you wait up until 12 weeks. In our current situation where case numbers are rising and the risk of exposure locally is increasing, the compromise of 6 weeks to get protected before exposure is recommended.

Q: I could only book my first dose online. What about my second dose?

A: We match all our first doses with second doses earmarked from our expected future deliveries. If your second dose wasn’t available online, we will book it for you when you attend for your first.

Q : If I am 60 can I book for Pfizer?

A: We can only give Pfizer to people aged 60 and over with:

· past history of cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST)

· past history of Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)

· past history of idiopathic splanchnic (mesenteric, portal, splenic) vein thrombosis

· antiphospholipid syndrome with thrombosis

· contraindications to COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca. That means:

· anaphylaxis to a previous dose or to an ingredient of the vaccine,

· thrombosis with thrombocytopenia occurring after the first dose of AstraZeneca, or

· other serious adverse event attributed to the first dose of AstraZeneca, confirmed by doctor.

Application for over 60 exemption needs approval prior to booking online, please get your GP to email the form for approval or email it to the practice.

* People aged 60 and over who do not have one of the conditions listed above are eligible to receive the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Q: Do we have a waiting list?

A: No, there was no way we could keep up with demand.

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